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The Federation of Anglo-Indian Associations in India was born out of concern for the future of the Community in India. It was an initiative which emerged at a National Convention of Anglo-Indians where leaders of the community found common ground where from could emerge a united voice and a stronger voice. Ten years down the line the group has only grown and become stronger




The historic National Convention of Anglo-Indians held at Delhi in 2011 was a landmark in the history of Anglo-Indians.  The Convention was the outcome of the discussions of various Anglo-Indian leaders started in 2010 which went through several stages and finally almost all prominent leaders of the major organizations , nominated M.L.As and delegates from all  over India participated the colourful Convention held at Constitution Club on 27th November 2011.

It was at this Convention several leaders voiced to have a coordination for Anglo-Indian organizations as a prelude to the unity of all Anglo-Indians.   After prolonged discussions  held with all major organizations, drafting a bylaw and circulating it for knowing the opinion and views, finally it was approved and as such The Federation of Anglo-Indian Associations in India was registered at Bangalore in 2012.  This was the beginning of a new era.  The problems of the Anglo-Indian community were discussed; memoranda were submitted to the President of India, Prime Minister of India, Minister for Minorities and other authorities.

By the efforts of the Federation, a ‘Nodal Officer for Anglo-Indians’ was appointed at the Ministry of Minority Affairs, govt. of India.  Later in 2013 the Ministry constituted a ‘Fact Finding Team’ and conducted a study on the ‘Social and economic problems as well as aspirations of the Anglo-Indian community in India’.  The Ministry brought out a report which became a landmark document  in the history of the community.

The various State organizations of Anglo-Indians conduct a variety of programmes which attracted members.  The call by the Federation and nominated M.Ps to find out lands and to construct ‘Community cum Skill Development Centers’  is still remains a dream as finding land  has become a difficult task and no effort was taken to recover the lands which are idle with the former Anglo-Indian institutions.  However, the Federation has taken this as an ambitious project and instigate State organizations to find out lands at places where Anglo-Indian concentration are there. 

The 9th World Anglo-Indian Reunion promoted by Calcutta Anglo-Indian Service Society in 2013 and the 11th Reunion promoted by Anglos-in the Wind in 2019 at Chennai were historic events.

The All India Seminar on ‘Anglo-Indians and Their Future’ held at Bangalore on 28th October 2017 was a grand success which was attended by about 300 delegates from all over India.  

Thanks to Mr. Gordon Maher, President of the International Federation of Anglo-Indian Associations (Inc.) Perth, Australia for his guidance and cooperation.  Incidentally, at the AGM held at Chennai on 12th January 2019 in connection with the 11th World Anglo-Indian Reunion, Dr. Charles Dias, Former M.P. who is the President of the FAIAI was elected as Vice President and Mr. Colin Fitzgerald, Joint secretary of FAIAI was elected as Secretary.   


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