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Regn.No. & Year : 



Address :

Little Flower Villa.No.6,Kamaraj Street,            (Nehru Street-2nd Left Cross)

Cholan Nagar, Pattabiram, Chennai-600072.        


State :

Tamil Nadu.


Estimated population:

In Tamil Nadu Around 50000


Contact Number:

94441 63862 & 86104 16505.


Email id  :


Website  :


No. of Members:

Around 60 Life Members/Head of the family 


No of  Community Members reached through Welfare/Education /Other programmes :

Around 300.




Aim & Objectives:

The Anglo-Indian Suburban Front ,based in Pattabiram, Chennai-72 falling under the revenue District of Tiruvallur in Tamil Nadu State was founded, formed and registered on November'2003 with the central objective of uplifting our Anglo-Indian Community by taking up their issues at District, State, National and International Level.

For achieving this object,we work in liaison with other Anglo-Indian Welfare Associations and also raise the issues through  our Nominated/Elected Representatives at State and Central Level.

During  the Annual Get-together s conducted every year by our Association, we apprise our Members the details of the activities carried out and our future plans and on the occasion help a few under-privileged in our community .


Present Focus

Our present focus is to get back out lost Constitutional guarantees like restoration of Articles 336(Job -reservation of 5% in Central Government Services which we lost in 1960;


Articles 334(b),331 & 333,relating to discontinuance of  Nominations of Anglo-Indians to Parliament and State Assemblies which was allowed to lapse on 26th January'2020 on the basis of an erroneous population figure of 296 compiled in the 2011 SECC Census as the total Anglo-Indian population 


Continuing with the implementation of Article 337 relating to Government grants to Anglo-Indian Schools and Article 338(10) relating to appointment of a National Commission for Anglo-Indians by the President of India,as done for the SC&ST Communities.


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